Filta accepted by BESCA’s Vent Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme for Kitchen Extract Maintenance

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Environmental services provider as been joined BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competent Assessment) Vent Hygiene Elite (VHE) scheme, ensuring the competence of its vent hygiene works, alongside other BESA members.

Filta wide range of services includes kitchen extract cleaning and maintenance, with an automated extraction duct cleaning system that helps operators meet the new increased fire risk management standards for commercial kitchens in line with the TR19 health and safety standard from the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

FV2000 Filta vent system



Filta’s FV2000 automated extraction cleaning system, which has successfully passed BESCA’s rigorous assessment criteria, works around the clock with flexible, pre-programmable automatic dosing. This means operators are continually compliant with the standards, in comparison to a quarterly deep clean of the ductwork where the operator is only as compliant as their last deep-clean.

Through the use of biotechnology, Filta’s automated extraction cleaning service prevents airborne particles of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from accumulating along the ductwork in kitchen extraction systems. Biological enzymes are sprayed into the extraction and ventilation system by specially installed nozzles, which are pre-programmed to automatically dose a flexible amount at a set time.

In joining the VHE scheme, Filta can now self-certify all vent hygiene works carried out to BESA’s TR19® grease specification.

The benefit of the automated extraction cleaning system include:

Extraction Cleaning - Increased Compliance - Filta Environmental Increased Compliance
Extraction Cleaning - Value - Filta Environmental Significant Cost Savings

Automated Extraction Cleaning - Filta Environmental UKReduced Downtime
Extraction Cleaning - No Maintenance - Filta EnvironmentalFilta Installed
Extraction Cleaning - Reduce FOG - Filta EnvironmentalReduced Fire Hazards
Extraction Cleaning - Air Quality - Filta EnvironmentalBetter Air Quality


Graham Roebuck, Product Manager  Vent, said “ This is a new shift in Vent product offering to be able to provide peace of mind to our customers that our proven highly effective automated extraction duct cleaning system adheres to TR19® specification. We are excited to bring this technological advanced product to the hospitality industry.”



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Date of issue: 6th January 2022
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