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In an age of economic stresses, Filta’s services are being recognised for their money saving qualities at the forefront of the food and hospitality industry, with a number of well-known clients in our portfolio.

Like all business owners striving for a profit, our customers can't afford to have their kitchens out of action and therefore all of our services have been developed to ensure downtime is avoided at all costs. 

For more information about the products we offer, or to find out if your existing equipment is costing you money, 

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Filta Refrigeration
Filta Refrigeration

Filta Refrigeration is an established air conditioning and refrigeration service. We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and we will surpass your expectations with whatever support you require. With a friendly, reliable workforce of fully qualified engineers, we can provide a comprehensive service that includes all aspects of design, supply and installation right through to ongoing service and maintenance.

Filta Seal

Fita-Seal helps businesses reduce costs and response time and increase customer satisfaction by taking care of all refrigeration seal issues. We can replace every type of seal on the market and have them fitted on the same day for a fixed price. We manufacture your replacement seal immediately on-site and fit it to the fridge or freezer, anywhere in the UK, meaning there is no lead time between surveying the problem and producing the new door seal.

Filta Seal

FiltaDrain provides commercial kitchens with a unique treatment service for Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) that builds up in kitchen drain pipes. The FOG becomes a problem due to its poor solubility in water and tendency to congeal and separate from liquid solutions. You can stop worrying about blockages, bad odours and cleaning grease traps by installing FiltaDrain - let one of our trained technicians explain how we can make your life easier and save you money!

Filta Seal

FiltaFry is the number 1 total fryer management and cooking oil filtration service which saves you time and money and radically improves the quality of your food. A regular visit from a FiltaFry operator doubles the life of your cooking oil, effectively halving your cooking oil costs. By using the FiltaFry service you get a cleaner, safer kitchen, less downtime and better quality oil, meaning better food quality for little or no cost.

Our clients

Individual stores and units of well-known chains experience the many benefits of our services. Below are a selection of endorsements from our valued customers.