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Fryer Management - Filta Enviromental UK

Fryer Management

Our fryer management service extends the life of your cooking oil.

Refrigeration Door Seals - Filta Enviromental UK

Grease Management

Fat, oil and grease management equipment and service to keep you compliant.

Refrigeration Door Seals - Filta Enviromental UK

Refrigeration Door Seals

On-site fridge seal replacement with a first time fix anywhere every time.

Automated Extraction Cleaning - Filta Enviromental UK

Automated Extraction Cleaning

 Automated extraction cleaning system that keeps your kitchen ductwork clean to TR19 standards.

Wastewater Treatment - Filta Enviromental UK

Wastewater Treatment

Professional pump installation and maintenance service for all types of applications.

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Our Accreditations

Ensuring that our team of commercial kitchen experts offer an excellent customer experience and are fully accredited is a key part of what we stand for.

To create a successful working relationship with our clients, the Filta Group has grown to cater for a wide range of commercial customers across the UK. Since starting operations a few years ago, our highly skilled engineers have continued to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, and as a result we have acquired several recognised industry accreditations along the way.

for Peace of Mind

Our grease trap, seal, wastewater, fryer, kitchen extraction cleaning services include the following three stages to provide you with peace of mind and ensure compliance.

Site Survery - Filta Enviromental UKSite Survey: Filta provides a full survey of your establishment to correctly identify your requirements and needs

Commercial Kitchen Environmental Compliance - Filta Enviromental UKInstall: Our trained engineers install the solution that suits your needs perfectly

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance - Filta Enviromental UKMaintenance: Our team provides regular maintenance services to ensure it continues to work efficiently and effectively.

Latest Articles & News

Check out our latest articles and news to stay up to date along with obtaining industry-leading tips for how to ensure compliance in your commercial kitchen with the help of our grease traps services.


Here is what some of our customers say about our solutions

“I would recommend Filta to anyone who has problems with fats, oils and grease in the drains and wants to make their site compliant with all regulations at very short notice.”

Saul Burman
Trust Inns Proprietor
The Master Mariner, Brighton

Filta UK Reviews - The Master Mariner

“I have found Filta to be very professional and true experts in their field. Thank you again for making our school instantly compliant with the regulations and for all your hard work.”

Brian Rollason
Estates Manager,
Rugby School.

Filta Reviews - Filta Enviromental UK

“Filta’s FOG Cyclone equipment impressed us as it is low energy, has no moving parts and is very simple for our staff to operate.”

Rhodri Williams
Facilities, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at

 Le Manoir

Filta Reviews - Filta Enviromental UK

Internationally Recognised Clients

Filta is proud to have provided commercial grease traps services to many internationally recognised clients.

We have endorsements from numerous well-known chains that we have supplied with restaurant grease traps and our grease trap cleaning services to help keep restaurants clean and up and running.

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