Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management

The unique fryer management and cooking oil filtration service which saves you time and money and radically improves the quality of your food.

Complete Fryer Management

An on-site fryer management service, which includes temperature calibration, oil micro-filtration, and a thorough vacuum-based detail clean of each fryer, every visit.

Cooking Oil Filtration Service

Our cooking oil filtration service can be carried out in 20 minutes for minimal disruption of service. By using the FiltaFry service you get a cleaner, safer kitchen, less downtime and better quality oil meaning better food quality for little or no cost.

A regular scheduled visit from your FiltaFry technician provides:

  • Professional advice on all aspects of fryer management
  • Improved health and safety for your team

  • Correctly filtered oil

  • Great tasting food

Fryer Management - Filta Environmental
Waste Oil Collection & Fresh Oil Supply - Filta Environmental

Fryer Management - Frying Cost - Filta Environmental Reduces Frying Costs
Doubles the life of cooking oil, effectively halving your cooking oil costs.

Fryer Management - Reduce Kitchen Downtime - Filta Environmental Reduces Kitchen Downtime
Fryers are professionally cleaned and ready to use in under 20 minutes.

Fryer Management - Reduce Labour Cost - Filta Environmental Reduces Labour Costs
You don’t need to pay your kitchen staff to clean fryers.

Fryer Management - Health and Safety - Filta Environmental Reduces Health & Safety Risks
Having a trained professional managing your fryers reduces the risk of accidents and staff absences.

Fryer Management - Quality Food - Filta Environmental Improves Food Quality and Reduces Frying Odours
Ensures your customers keep coming back for more.

Waste Oil Collection & Fresh Oil Supply - Filta Environmental

Once the cooking oil has come to the end of its life, we can collect the used cooking oil and immediately remove it safely from your site… in most cases with no waste oil drums or containers continually attracting rats and other unwanted issues.

From there, the waste vegetable oil is purified and the majority sent to be made into biodiesel, the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based diesel.

Your local Filta operator can also provide a range fresh cooking oils that work perfectly with the FiltaFry service.

Four Week Free Trial

We will always provide you with a free, no obligation, demonstration of the Filta’s ECO-friendly services.

It’s one thing to read about what we can do…. it’s another thing to actually witness it. This site tells you about our services… but until you schedule a free demonstration, you will never fully understand what we can do for you.

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What Clients Say

“Filta has been responsible for the full servicing of all fryers within the stadium, including cleaning, filtering and discarding of used oil. There are over 25 fryers within the Stadium across ten kitchens and four retail concessions. To date, the quality of service from Filta has been exemplary we have been extremely happy with the quality of service received especially given the fact that we are working with new brand new deep fat fryers.”

Clients Filta Environmental UK - Emirates Stadium

Delaware North, Emirates Stadium, London

“Filta has been doing our fryers for about 10 years now. The results in that year have been very positive indeed. During that period our oil life has increased by 15%. I would highly recommend Filta to anyone in the restaurant business.”

Burger King - Testimonials Filta Environmental UK

Burger King

Franchise Opportunity

FiltaFry is looking for people who desire to own, develop and manage either a single van or multi-van business, providing multiple proven environmental services to commercial kitchens.

Multi-Service to the Same Customer Base

Environmental Kitchen Solutions describes our line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried. FiltaFry Franchise Owners now offer the following services to customers:

FiltaFry - Filta Enviromental UK


Cooking Oil Filtration & Fryer Management

FiltaBio - Filta Enviromental UK


Waste Oil Collection without the Bin

FiltaGold - Filta Enviromental UK


Fresh Oil Supply

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