The Environmental, Energy and Operational Benefits of Using the FiltaFOG Cyclone Grease Recovery Unit

Our planet is facing a plethora of environmental challenges, and certain industries contribute to the issue more than others. In particular, businesses that produce Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) as a by-product of their services – like those working in hospitality and manufacturing – are facing increased pressure to consider implementing solutions which minimise their impact on the wider environment and validate their sustainability credentials.

As a result, equipment that plays a role in removing FOG from wastewater before it reaches the sewage network is in demand. Even more, sought after are grease traps which can make a tangible saving in energy expenditure, helping businesses facing increasing operational costs to unlock new revenue which can be reinvested into their services.

Industry Leading Innovation

One solution that makes achieving environmental and cost-saving objectives easier than ever is the new FiltaFOG Cyclone Grease Recovery Unit (GRU), from Filta. Fifteen years in the making, the FiltaFOG Cyclone combines the best features and industry innovations of grease traps available today. With the experience-led capabilities of our in-house design team, we have created robust, high-performance technology that is both environmentally friendly and capable of savings of up to £1,750 in energy usage each year.

A Distinct Difference in Energy Performance

To truly understand the environmental benefits of the FiltaFOG Cyclone, we must first explore the grease recovery unit (GRU) options available today.

Skimming type GRUs do as they say on the tin by skimming theFOG  in wastewater using a semi-submerged drum or wheel so it can be successfully extracted. Skimming GRUs use a motor to turn the skimming wheel, a PLC, pumps, solenoids and often heating elements. This is the main requirement for power and can be very costly to run.

Meanwhile, flotation GRUs contain a valve which sinks on oil but floats on water, which allows for efficient collection of FOG with very low moisture content. Up until the FiltaFOG Cyclone was introduced to market, flotation GRUs used submerged heating elements typically rated at 1KW or 1.5KW. The FiltaFOG Cyclone, however, uses a heater pad rated at 30W, which reduces power consumption by up to 97%.

During the development of the FiltaFOG Cyclone, we conducted extensive testing against competitive GRUs – specifically, flotation units with heating elements rated at 1KW. Typically, a flotation GRU of this type costed around £200 a year to run, based on a per KW pricing of £0.14. In comparison, the FiltaFOG Cyclone costed just £8.

With energy prices rising, standard businesses now face a hefty cost to power their operations – as much as £1 per KW. Depending on your chosen GRU, you could be looking at an expenditure that exceeds £1,400 per year. Or even more than that if the heating element in the flotation device is higher than 1KW.

However, with the FiltaFOG Cyclone system in place, this cost drops dramatically to just over £50 per year.

Additional Environmental and Commercial Benefits

As well as the major savings in energy costs, the FiltaFOG Cyclone has additional environmental and commercial benefits.

The equipment is almost entirely plastic free, made primarily from stainless steel other than the small float within the oil container. It has industry-leading grease removal capabilities, able to extract and recover around 2,000 litres of oil a year, which could be sold at a value of around £1,400.

The FiltaFOG Cyclone de-waters and filters out food waste from FOG, minimising sludge, reducing the possibility of drain blockages and eradicating foul odours, making for a better working environment. Plus, it’s much smaller in size compared to others on the market, making it easier to maintain and clean, freeing up team time which can be put to better use.

FiltaFOG Cyclone has become a leader in the industry for its innovation and sustainability, earning five awards over the past two years – notably, it was honoured with FootPrint Award 2022. This revolutionary technology can help businesses dealing with FOG to transform their operations in more than one way.

 Contact us today, to find out more about grease traps and how to be sustainable with our FiltaFog Cyclone grease recovery unit.