Commercial refrigeration units often work continuously on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year and are typically one of the most reliable appliances within a kitchen. For this reason, fridges and freezers are easily neglected on the assumption that everything is running correctly and therefore require no maintenance.
What’s the Problem?
However, unbeknown to your employees, what can often appear a small issue, such as a split or damaged door seal can in fact quickly escalate into a significant problem and even lead to the close of a kitchen. Refrigeration door seals, also known as door gaskets, play a key role in the day to day operation of a refrigeration unit. In order for the fridge to maintain correct storage temperatures, it is vital that there is an airtight seal between the fridge door and main unit. 

Refrigeration door seals not only ensure that the unit maintains the correct temperature but also prevents micro-organisms and bacteria entering the unit. A split or damaged door seal can quickly become a reservoir for harmful bacteria and food pathogens that can accumulate undetected. An environmental health officer can arrive on site at any time unannounced and will always check fridge and freezer door seals for mould, splits or broken seals. A recent surge of inspections has amounted to thousands of pounds in fines and even kitchen closure. 
Avoid Fines and Prevent Further Costs
In order to keep your kitchen compliant with food and hygiene standards, it is vital to check and clean your refrigeration door seals on a weekly basis. If you find a damaged or mouldy door seal then get them replaced as soon as possible. By doing so, you will not only ensure compliance with food and hygiene standards but also reduce the chances of incurring any further costs as a direct result of the damaged seal

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