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McDonalds Franchise – Ongoing Extraction Management

McDonalds Case Study - Fast Food Chain - Filta Environmental UK

Peace of Mind with TR19 Compliance

“I have the Filta system installed in my Reading, Oracle McDonald’s restaurant and I’ve been really pleased with the results. Since the system has been installed I have seen a noticeable difference in the amount of grease that has built up, almost to a minimal amount that’s made it a lot easier for my crew to clean on a daily basis and its also given me the peace of mind that my restaurant is a safe place, that my ducts are in great shape and that I’m compliant with the TR19 regulations.”

Richard Forte – McDonald’s Franchise Owner


Client: McDonalds Franchise

Problem Grease Build-up in Ductwork

Solution: Ongoing Extraction Management

Date: April 2019

What Clients Say

I have had the Filta system in the restaurant for two years now. Since we introduced the Filta system we’ve found that it has significantly reduced the amount of grease that is accumulating in our kitchen extraction system, the staff love it. One of the biggest benefits of the system is that it significantly reduces the risk of fire. The Filta system is a great benefit to us as operators but also to our insurers. As a McDonald’s franchisee, I would definitely recommend this system to others.

Trevor Smith, McDonald’s Franchise Owner, Former Equipment Manager of McDonalds UK & Chairman of European Equipment Board
Filta Clients - McDonalds- Filta Environmental UK

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