Project Description


KFC Bury -Pilsworth Road – Grease Traps

Quick Service restaurant with high volume of chicken production

We were approached by KFC  at this site suffering from an inferior solution that was ineffective in managing their grease management issues.

We conducted a site survey, identified that the flour was not being properly handled by the incumbent suppliers product. So, we introduced the flour catcher working in conjunction with FiltaFOG Cyclone grease recovery unit ( automatic grease trap) that would resolve the issue being faced.
The site was provided with a total care package exclusively provided by Filta in this market so the client is satisfied that the cyclone will be running seamlessly without any disruption to business or foul smells. The oil recovered from the cyclone can be used to recycle into bio-diesel which is an added advantage to using the GRU supporting KFC’s sustainability efforts. This also helps support the greater resource recovery in a circular economy.


Client: KFC

Problem: Grease Management

Solution: Installation of the Filta FOG Cyclone with a bespoke flour catcher module with
a total care package including ongoing service

Date: February 2022

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