Wastewater Treatment – Don’t Take It For Granted

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Wastewater treatment is often taken for granted, simply forgotten about or the unspoken. However, if a commercial property of domestic household requires a sewage / wastewater pumping station, it’s vital that it’s maintained regularly to keep it operating effectively and avoiding the unthinkable. But what actually is a wastewater pumping station and how does it work?

What is a Wastewater Pumping Station?

A sewage pumping station is essentially a large underground tank that acts as the receiver for sewage from a building or a group of buildings. The sewage will then start to accumulate in the tank until it reaches a predetermined level. At this point, a pump will then kick in to pressurise the sewage, forcing it to travel uphill out of the wet well and into the main sewer.

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Why Do You Need a Sewage Pump Station?

The sewage system functions through a network of pipes that allows sewage to flow from domestic homes and businesses to the main sewer system (when the sewers aren’t blocked with fatbergs that is!). In normal cases, the sewage relies on gravity to flow through the sewer network and into the main sewer. However, if a property sits within a low-lying area, where the main sewer sits on higher ground than the sewage pipes, the sewage needs to be transported to the main sewer system in a different way without relying on gravity. This is when a wastewater pumping station is required.

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The Importance of Sewage Pump Maintenance

Sewage is one of the most corrosive environments in which mechanical equipment could possibly ever operate within. On top of this, the variety of materials that enter a sewage pumping station means that the need for regular planned maintenance is vital. The penalties for neglecting a sewage treatment plant can be both dangerous and costly. In order to function sewage treatment systems, rely upon components such as pumps, compressors and motors, all of which are require periodic replacement to prevent failure.

Wastewater Pumping Specialists

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Here at Filta we have years of experience in helping businesses and homes make sure that their wastewater pumping system is in proper working order – giving peace of mind and a tailored service for each client. For more information about our wastewater treatment and pumping services or to talk to the wastewater experts give us a call now on 01788 550 100 or contact us online today!