Fats Oils and Grease for commercial kitchen establishments possess multiple threats if not properly maintained or disposed of correctly. Filta environmental is one of the leading grease management businesses in the UK, and the team has over 22 years of successful experience implementing grease management services and products for our customers. The key to an efficient commercial kitchen without disruption is FiltaGMG, we can guarantee a complete expert diagnosis and extraction if your kitchen is struggling with FOG waste.

The benefits of using FiltaGMG is it’s a quick, cost-effective solution that keeps your commercial kitchen in its best possible condition, and by regularly maintaining your equipment you will extend your kitchen’s lifetime - which saves you money in the long run! By incorporating FiltaGMG into your kitchen you will be compliant with the Waste Legislation and Environmental; Protection Act formed in 1990, our waste management services include repair, grease separator relining and refitting, installation, diagnostics/consultation and consultancy services. 

Grease management services we provide 

Grease Traps

Grease traps protect commercial drainage systems from the build-up of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), that can ruin their functionality. Filta Environmental offer four options of grease separator products they are ‘grease master’, ‘grease master junior’, ‘grease master mini’ and ‘filter shield’. Grease traps are essential in commercial kitchens as they maintain harmful FOG waste, that could hinder the smooth running of your business.

Grease recovery units

The purpose of our grease recovery units is to reduce the operational cleaning costs from grease traps. Grease traps and grease recovery unit equipment work together to collect and dispose of FOG and food wastage during pre-rinse and pot-wash operations. We offer two options of grease recovery units which are ‘Big Dipper’ and ‘Grease Shield’. The benefits of owning a grease recovery unit are it works 24/7 to prolong your kitchen’s services, and with the unit having self-cleaning operation benefits it's incredibly easy to maintain.

Bacterial drain dosing

Filta Environmental bacterial drain dosing products are more suited to smaller commercial kitchens that have restricted space. We offer three bacterial drain dosing products which are ‘Bactipak’, ‘Drain Doser Plus’ and ‘Grease Guzzler’. The main purpose of a bacterial drain dosing system that features trillions of non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria that are added to your kitchen’s pipework or drains to manage FOG.

For more information about our grease management services and products for commercial kitchens, contact our team today!