Our experts have previously discussed what exactly fatbergs are, and what we can do as a society to improve our drainage systems. If you missed the news post, fatbergs are essentially a built-up combination of non-biodegradable products such as grease, cooking fat and wet wipes. Altogether these products create fatbergs that block drains, and are becoming more and more frequent especially in busy cities such as London. A recent study conducted by Channel 4 has published the findings of a fatberg discovered in the drain systems in South Bank, London. 

Cooking fat was the biggest contributor to the fatberg found in South Bank, which could have easily been avoided with a commercial grease management product from Filta. The fatberg measured at a total of 250m, which is the length of Tower Bridge.  It also weighed in at 130 tonnes, which is the equivalent of 19 African elephants. “We and other water companies are facing a constant battle to keep the nation’s sewers free from fatbergs and other blockages,’ Alex Saunders, the manager of Thames Water Waste Network explained. 

It’s reported that it costs £80 million pounds every year to safely dispose of fatbergs throughout the UK, which is paid for in our water bills. As a nation, we can try to tackle this issue by understanding what is biodegradable and not, making a conscious effort not to flush products that could turn contribute to a fatberg. For commercial kitchens it's a simpler solution, integrate grease management products that safely dispose of Fats, Oils and Grease that’s produced in your restaurant. Browse our grease management products and services today. 

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