Commercial kitchens and other commercial food establishments are renown for producing large quantities of fat, oil and grease (FOG) as a result of their everyday operations. The real problem occurs when the FOG is not intercepted or professionally treated before it enters down the drainage network. Over time the untreated FOG will congeal and stick to the inner lining of the drain pipes eventually completely blocking the drain lines. In severe cases this build up can even lead to the creation of “fatbergs”. However, it’s not only costly blockages that commercial kitchens need to worry about, there are also other problems associated with FOG.


There are now six laws and regulations in place governing the disposal of FOG and preventing it from entering drains and sewers. Failure to adhere to these regulations can lead to enforcement and prosecution. There have been several offences under section 111 of the Water Industry Act (1999) where the guilty parties have been prosecuted, resulting in substantial fines.

Other Costs & Repairs
Drains damaged by FOG can be expensive to repair and replace. It’s difficult to quantify the expense as it often depends how far down the drain network the damage has occurred. There are also the associated costs with a kitchen closure due to blockages. Kitchen closures can have a devastating impact on the survival of a food establishment, particularly one that is not part of a large chain.

The Solution

Overall, all the above problems associated with FOG are widespread and complex and without the correct treatment can cause major issues. To ensure FOG doesn’t become a problem for you in the future, invest in a solution for your commercial kitchen. FiltaGMG provides a bespoke and complete grease and drain treatment service for all commercial kitchens. As an established team of grease management experts, we are the leading choice for commercial kitchen FOGs solutions in the UK


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