Fatbergs are phenomena found in all major cities across the world – the fats and oils in the sewers act as a binding agent with debris such as wet wipes, sanitary towels, dental floss, condoms, tampons, tights etc to form large deposits that can block the sewer.

Generally, the debris enters from the sewer by being flushed down the toilet and when this combines in city centers with excess fats, oils and grease not being responsibly dealt with by the restaurants, that is when the problem starts. Both the debris and fats can cause problems, but when combined they multiply the issue greatly.

So, what can be done to improve the situation?

1. Educate Staff and Promote Good Housekeeping

Without a doubt the most effective form of grease management is the staff themselves. With proper education of the staff about the impact of oil going down the drain followed by management and monitoring will have a dramatic impact on what actually goes down the drain in the beginning.

Consider the analogy of a soccer (hockey etc) team. The drain is the goal, the grease interceptor (grease trap) is the goalkeeper, the defenders are the kitchen porters (washing up guys), and the grease is the ball/puck. No matter how good the goalkeeper is, if the defenders are also firing at the goalkeeper he’s got no chance at all.

2. Recycle Your Waste Oil

Waste oil can be recycled by converting into bio-diesel or going straight to energy generation. So, there is value for everyone in ensuring that waste oil is recycled, it’s better for the environment and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

3. Install An Effective Grease Management System

Engage an expert grease management contractor to assess your operation and advise on the best solution for your individual situation. There isn’t one solution - it really depends upon the operation in terms of scale, type of operation, and how much involvement the staff has with the maintenance of the solution. FiltaGMG are experienced in all types of grease management and will design the most appropriate solution for the situation.

As a final note, the UK commercial landlords and water companies are becoming increasingly bold in demanding that food service establishments take more responsibility concerning grease management and this is now being backed up by successful prosecutions.

Mike Goodbourn
“The FOG Father”

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