Commercial kitchens worldwide produce Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) during the process of food preparation. Whilst FOG in a commercial kitchen is unavoidable, potential threats caused by these substances such as blocked drains, pests and odours certainly are. If left untreated FOG could lead to expensive repairs, maintenance, and waste legislation fines. As one of the leading grease management specialists across the South, you can rest assured that the waste legislation will be followed correctly, whilst providing you with a service of the highest standard.

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Which FiltaGMG product should I use?

To ensure that your business can run smoothly and adheres to the waste legislation, our grease management experts offer a wide range of products. Our GMG range helps to combat FOG in your commercial kitchen, and keep your drains clear and clean ensuring that you’re in compliance with Waste Legislation, that's made up of 6 laws such as the Water Industry Act 1991 and Food Safety Act 1990. 

Grease Traps

Grease traps and separators are the most effective method of protecting commercial drainage systems from the damage caused by FOG. A grease trap congeals the grease and rises it to the surface, which then can be removed and disposed of safely.

Grease Recovery Units

Our grease recovery unit helps to reduce the cleaning and operational costs of a grease trap. This product filters FOG and food waste, so during pre-rinse and post-wash operations you can guarantee the protection of your drains.

Bacterial Drain Dosing

A bacterial drain dosing system is best suited to sites without space for a grease trap. Bacterial drain dosing products are compact systems that feature high concentrations of non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria.

Sediment Interceptor

A sediment interceptor disposes of food waste and coffee grounds safety and effectively. It’s made of durable stainless steel and has a fully sealed lid that protects the safety of your employees and management.


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