Filta Environmental Extends FiltaFOG Range with New Cyclone LL

Filta Extends FiltaFOG Range - Cyclone LL - Filta
Industry-leading GRU now available with lower connection heights.

Environmental and waste management specialist Filta Group has extended its FiltaFog Cyclone range of Grease Recovery Units with the addition of a new LL model for lower connection heights. Together with the standard model, FiltaFog Cyclone LL offers a solution for all commercial kitchens and has already proved a success for a new Wagamama restaurant in the West Midlands.

Unimagined Levels of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Retention

FiltaFog Cyclone delivers previously unimagined levels of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) retention whilst using less energy than traditional GRUs and ensuring a better kitchen environment too. Using eight independent Hydro Cyclones, it offers unique two-stage FOG separation and recovery, capable of recovering approximately 2,000 litres of quality oil every year, worth £400 to the operator, with less than 25 parts per million FOG at outlet.

Lowest Energy Consumption of any GRU

It also offers the lowest energy consumption of any GRU, costing as little as £8 per year to run, compared with £500 per year for an equivalent competitor GRU. A sealed outlet with no need for staff to remove covers, there are no odours, reduced cleaning time and a better kitchen environment too. The new LL model has been developed to provide market-leading grease recovery without a pump, even where outlet heights on cookline and dishwash lines are low. Thanks to extensive development by Filta engineers working in the field, it allows a connection height of just 126mm inlet and 65mm outlet, operating on a gravity feed.

Answering Wagamama’s Kitchen Challenges

This has already proved to be the answer to kitchen challenges at the new Wagamama at West Midlands Designer Outlet, allowing Filta and Catering Projects to specify a grease management system that would work without a pump despite a connection height of 80mm on the outlet. This helps to keep the ongoing maintenance low, without compromising performance.

Edward Palin, commercial director for Filta Group, said:

“FiltaFog Cyclone is a revolutionary product and this technology has already been received fantastically well since it was launched in the UK last year after 15 years of development. Now, the additional of the LL model for lower connection heights gives our distribution partners greater flexibility when specifying the technology. It provides a market-leading solution without the need for a pump which can add to the maintenance challenges in a busy kitchen.”

Features & Benefits of the Cyclone LL

  • Industry leading grease removal – approximately 2,000 litres of quality oil recovered every year with a value of £400
  • The lowest energy consumption of any GRU
  • Easy staff daily maintenance – save time
  • De-waters and filters out food waste – no sludge, reducing drain blockages
  • Low power costs – save £500 per year compared with other units
  • Unique two stage FOG separation and recovery
  • Connection height of 126mm inlet and 65mm outlet, operating on a gravity feed
  • Less than 25 parts per million FOG at outlet
  • Self-closing inlet to protect the unit from food waste, ensuring the unit maintains peak performance between service intervals
  • No requirement for staff to remove covers – reduced cleaning time, better hygiene and no odours

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Date of issue: 22nd July 2021
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