FiltaDrain will focus on drainage services and investigations, offering drain vetting and vacuum tankering services for all commercial drainage needs. FiltaPump will produce complete drainage reports for businesses, with CCTV drainage surveys, drain odour investigation and drain-line jetting and descaling all part of our service.

FiltaPump on the other hand will provide maintenance, installation and compliance services for wastewater pumping systems. FiltaPump will offer over twenty years of experience repairing and replacing sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and interceptors, and as we are not a manufacturer, we will offer a broad range of suppliers and products.

The combination of our new wastewater pumping and treatment services with our drainage services will enable Filta to provide one complete package for businesses across the country. FiltaDrain and FiltaPump join our other arms, which include a grease management team and fridge door seal replacement specialists.

The expanded Filta Group now employs 150 people following the acquisition of Watbio, bringing 85 staff members from the company to work on FiltaDrain and FiltaPump.

For over 20 years the Filta Group has been providing unparalleled drainage, water pumping and kitchen management services and products. For more information, contact our team today!