Fats, oil and grease cause thousands of UK drain and sewer blockages every year and commercial kitchens need to take responsibility for the FOGs they throw away. Ensuring that you dispose of FOGs correctly is important for ensuring that your drains not only work as they should, preventing flooding and costly repairs, but keep your business compliant with existing waste legislation as well.

We offer a complete grease management service to ensure your commercial kitchen remains compliant with existing legislation, with a range of products guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your waste management. Get in touch today for more information on 01788 550100.

Why is effective disposal of fats, grease and oil important?

When hot, it can be difficult to see how fat, oils or grease can cause a problem to drains or sewers. However, as FOGs cool they congeal and stick to the sides of drainage and sewage pipes, which obstructs the flow of waste water and can build up over time as more FOGs pass through. 

In fact, up to 75% of blockages are caused by poorly disposed of FOGs and commercial kitchens dispose of more of them more than most. The risk to commercial kitchens is therefore high when FOGs are not disposed of correctly and can lead to a number of damaging effects:

  • Blocked drains reduce the efficiency of the rest of your clean-up operation
  • Clearing an avoidable blockage caused by FOGs will cost your business to pay for a professional
  • Nearby sewage flooding as a result of poor FOG disposal can deter customers, with bad odours and the added risk of attracting rats

What can my commercial kitchen do to dispose of FOGs better?

Invest in grease traps

Grease traps are units which are placed inside your drain pipe to separate fat, oils and grease from the rest of the waste water you dispose of. The FOGs are then stored in the grease trap to await regular collection from a professional waste collector. When properly used and maintained, grease traps are the ideal solution for avoiding drain and sewage blockages.

We provide full support for commercial kitchens struggling with effective FOG disposal and offer a number of products that will help, including a variety of grease traps! Get in touch today for more information on 01788 550100.