If you’re looking for a discrete yet effective grease management system for your commercial kitchen, our effective bacterial drain dosing is the perfect solution. 

Bacterial Drain Dosing is an effective and ‘building regulations approved’ alternative to traditional commercial kitchen grease traps. It works by regularly delivering a clever solution containing a specially cultured, non-toxic or pathogenic bacteria that loves nothing more than attacking and breaking down fats, oils and grease (FOGs). Once the bacteria make themselves at home down the drain, they multiply and form a microscopic, protective film so any FOG that tries to stick to your pipes will be digested and turned into harmless water.  

Bacteria drain dosing is a great option for smaller commercial kitchens that don’t necessarily have the room to fit a grease trap because the system is compact and discrete, despite containing an extremely high concentration of the FOG loving bacteria. 
There are multiple ways the bacteria can be added to your drains; you can opt to add them manually, automatically or via a live delivery, pre-activated unit. 

Filta’s Bacteria Drain Dosing System 

At Filta Environmental, experts who boast over 20 years of experience providing commercial kitchens with quality grease management systems, we offer two versions of our effective bacteria drain dosing systems:

The Grease Guzzler

The Grease Guzzler is a popular choice among fast-paced commercial kitchens as it uses our patented pre-activation technology to deliver a high concentration dose of friendly bacteria that forms effective protection for complicated drain runs. Thanks to its 5-litre carton, the Grease Guzzler will deliver 6 months’ worth of normal dosing levels or, for particularly bad pipes, 3 months of ‘double dosing’. 

The Drain Doser Plus

A great option for less demanding commercial kitchens is our Drain Doser Plus. This innovative grease management system delivers an automatic, programmable dose of a specially formulated strain of bacteria (Bacti-G) directly to the point of source to reduce maintenance. Housed in a discrete and attractive stainless-steel cabinet, the brilliant FOG Drain Doser Plus’s bacteria have been developed in partnership with one of the UK’s leading bioscience manufacturers to ensure the Bacti-G is the most effective of its kind. 

To learn more about our bacteria drain dosing services, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 01788 550100 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.