A grease trap is used in a kitchen to intercept fats, oils and greases (FOGs) and stop them from blocking your drains. Without a grease trap, your FOGs can enter the wastewater disposal system and clog up your pipes. In cold weather, fats and greases can harden too, making it near impossible to clear.

Avoiding FOGs from building up in pipes is a priority for any kitchen, but for a business that needs its kitchen to run smoothly and efficiently, it's even more important to nip blocked pipes in the bud before they become a bigger problem.

Why do commercial kitchens need grease management products?

In a commercial kitchen, lots of fats, oils and greases are created every day. By installing a grease trap, you can avoid costly blockages to your pipes; we offer grease trap maintenance too that can ensure your equipment is working correctly.

Grease traps help you to save time and money from your business by allowing you to filter FOGs efficiently and cut down on the waste from your kitchen. Grease traps are also good for the environment, as they prevent the fats and oils from being released into streams and rivers.

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