Protect your business from the inconvenience of blocked drains and potential legal repercussions by ensuring your grease management system receives regular, professional servicing. Over the past 20 years, Filta has built an excellent reputation for exceptional workmanship and our highly skilled engineers are your number one choice for your grease management system’s servicing needs.  

Don’t ignore grease management servicing 

A poorly functioning or broken grease trap or recovery unit allows for the build-up of fats, oils and grease, or FOGs as they’re more commonly known, which can result in severe consequences for commercial kitchens. When FOGs are not disposed of properly, they tend to end up being poured down the sink, which is fine when they are hot as they are liquid. However, as soon as they cool FOGs begin to congeal and form a sticky, slimy mass.
Over time, FOGs coat the inside of the pipes and build up, causing an unpleasant odour, slow draining or even totally blocked sinks and more seriously, puts you at risk of a pest infestation, increased fire hazards and extensive damage to your pipes. All of these problems can be very time consuming and expensive to repair, a cost most restaurants cannot afford to pay. What’s more, you risk violating important waste legislations and prosecution from Environmental Health. 

Grease management tailored to you

This is why it is so important to ensure your grease management system is serviced regularly. A professional technician will check all the parts, make sure it is performing as expected and run prevention checks to stop any potential problems before they turn into something more serious. Unlike many grease trap service contractors, our dedicated team at Filta don't limit our services to our own FiltaFOG products but are more than happy to provide full and thorough maintenance to grease traps of all brands. We understand your commercial kitchen doesn’t follow a normal schedule so we can come to you at a time that suits and provide our services at a price that is sure to fit your budget. 

With competitive prices and years of experience servicing FOG management systems, you can trust Filta for your grease management maintenance and servicing needs. Contact us today on 01788 550100.