There are approximately 6.7 million blocked drains each year in the UK that are directly caused by FOG. Fats, Oils and Grease are becoming more and more of an issue for commercial kitchens, as many restaurants do not have the proper equipment to dispose of them correctly. The damages of FOG can completely block an entire drainage or sewer system, avoid this from happening with an effective commercial grease trap

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Problems caused by FOG: 

  • Sewer blockages cause 80% of sewer flooding incidents in the UK
  • More than 3,000 properties are flooded each year as a result of these blockages
  • Sewage pumping stations suffer serious problems from fat, grease and oil build-up
  • On average a customer pays £66 to call in a company to clear a drain - but it can be much higher
  • There are around 366,000 sewer blockages a year in the UK with more than three-quarters caused by fats, oils and grease, wipes, sanitary waste and other non-flushable items
  • Around £88 million is spent each year on clearing blocked sewers. Flood clean-ups add to this and have to be covered through customer bills


What can we do 

A statement from Waste Cycle explains, “Even if you break down the oil with soap and hot water, it can re-solidify once it cools down and cause drain pipes and sewers to get blocked. The oil can also travel into waterways, including rivers and lakes where animals live. As it builds up it can cause the water’s oxygen levels to drop, which can suffocate wildlife living in it.” The best way to avoid FOG build up in your drains is to simply not pour fats, oil and grease down the drain. Installing a high-quality commercial grease trap in your kitchen is a fantastic start to being more eco-friendly. They are the most effective method of disposing of harmful products, and our team will correctly size, and regularly maintain your grease trap to guarantee its longevity. 

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