Cleaning and maintaining a grease trap can be a time-consuming and tricky job, but it is an essential one. If you’re looking to clean yours, there’s an order of which to do things: remember though that Filta provide grease trap maintenance that can get the job done for you without having to worry about it.

Take the lid off

Detach the lid from the grease trap slowly. There are gaskets under the lid of the grease trap so be cautious and make sure you don’t damage them. As you take parts out from the grease trap, remember where they came from, as they’ll need to go back.

See how much grease is there

Insert a measuring stick into the grease trap and remove it to see how much grease there is on the stick. Record how much grease is present in and then use a bucket or a bin to empty some of the standing water from the trap.

Remove waste

Now get rid of the FOG waste from the grease trap by emptying it into the bucket. Make sure that it’s water tight to avoid it leaking anywhere and scrape down the sides of the grease trap to make sure you get all of it.

Clean with soap

Finally, clean your grease trap with soap and water, on the inside and out. Find the lid for the trap and put it back on, making sure that every part is in its right place on the device.

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