GreaseMaster Cyclone
The Next Generation of GRU

The GreaseMaster Cyclone has been 15 years in the making. Designed by Engineers working directly in the field and is an answer to all the criticisms historically levelled at GRU’s.

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Built without compromise

  • Industry leading grease removal levels – approximately 2,000 litres of quality oil recovered every year with a value of £400.
  • No odours – better working environment
  • Easy staff daily maintenance – save time 
  • De-waters and filters out food waste – no sludge,  reducing drain blockages
  • Low power costs – save over £1,500 on other units

GreaseMaster Cyclone Features

  • The World’s first Hydro Cyclonic enhanced Grease Recovery Unit with 8 independent Hydro Cyclones
  • Unique two stage FOG separation and recovery
  • As low as 25 parts per million FOG at outlet
  • Sealed outlet so no sewer gas smells
  • Self-Closing Inlet to protect the unit from food waste, ensuring the unit maintains peak performance between service intervals
  • No requirement for staff to remove covers so reduced cleaning time, better hygiene and no smell
  • The lowest energy consumption of any GRU costing as little as 3 pence a day to run – saving a typical kitchen thousands of pounds a over the lifetime of the unit
  • Heavy Duty 2.5 mm, 304 Stainless Steel construction with a ten-year warranty 
  • All-in-one Oil Chute and FOG Cassette reducing daily maintenance operations
  • Heady duty Stainless-steel FOG Cassette and Food Basket
  • No heater element
  • High quality recovered oil can be added to UCO for use as Biofuel as the moisture content is less than 1%
  • Patent pending

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