Thermo Guard Hi-Flow

Have you worked out how to manage and prevent customers and staff with a fever entering your premises yet?

As workplaces and public area start to open, scanning people for elevated skin temperature is essential.

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Thermo Guard Hi-Flow - Workplace Temperature Screening

Rapid Deployed Elevated Temperature Screening

Our free-standing screening station comes installed, is easy to operate and requires minimal staff intervention.

  • Real-time elevated skin surface temperature detection – takes just one second to detect
  • Fast screening of up to 30 people per second
  • Simple clear visual and audio alarms to notify immediately upon detection
  • Artificial intelligence to reduce false alarms
  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact, protecting you and your co-workers
  • High accuracy
  • Temperature range 30ºc to 45ºc with an accuracy range of +- 0.5 ºc
  • Customisable poster explaining what is happening and how to respond
  • Developed and tested at international airports
  • Setup included – no onsite IT support or connection
  • Minimal operator training required – intuitive use

Do not jeopardise your business, staff and client health by taking the risk of spreading dangerous bacteria and viruses, such as the Coronavirus.

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Any object with temperatures above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation.A thermal camera converts IR radiation into grayscale values, and matches grayscale values to temperature values through an algorithm model.

Thermal cameras with high-temperature accuracy can help detect elevated skin surface temperatures which may indicate the presence of a Temperature. Thermal cameras can be used for the Temperature screening of travellers, shoppers, and office workers.

Filta Temperature Screening Flowchart

General Specification

12 VDC ± 20%, two-core terminal block PoE (802.3af, class 3)

Power Consumption

12 VDC ± 20%: 0.65 A, max. 7.5 W
PoE (802.3af, class 3): 42.5 V to 57 V, 0.14 A to 0.22 A, max. 8 W

Working Temperature

Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C(Indoor and windless environment use only) Humidity: 95% or less

Protection Level

IP66 Standard
TVS 6000V lightning protection, surge protection, voltage transient protection

SD Memory Card

Built-in micro SD card slot, support Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card (up to 128 GB) Supports manual/alarm recording

Temperature Range

30°C to +45 °C

Temperature Accuracy



358.3 mm × 113.5 mm × 115.2 mm (14.10″ × 4.47″ × 4.53″)


Approx. 1.76 kg (3.88 lb)

Find out all you need to know about our temperature/fever screening camera in our frequently asked questions.

Our customer service team are always on hand to offer the guidance and knowledge you need to help ensure your premises is safe to reopen following the coronavirus pandemic. Get in touch today or take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below to find the answer you’re looking for!

Outdoor wind and sun can easily affect the surface temperatures of human bodies and the working status of the camera, which results in a deviation between the measured skin surface temperature and the actual body temperature.

To ensure accuracy, we strongly recommend applying the solutions indoors.

Cameras supports up to 30 persons at a time. But still we recommend to carry out temperature measurement person by person.
The cameras are able to use face detection technology, so other heat sources will not cause false alarms.
The cameras need to be warmed up before using. Turn them on and wait for 30 minutes (bullet/turret camera). To ensure continue operation we have designed the system to run 24/7 with additional backup batteries in case of temporary power loss.

No, the system is a standalone requiring no support for the IT department so no network connection is required

Yes, if you want it connected to the network we can do this with your IT department.

We have designed the system to be a hands-off solution. The system automatically monitors the temperature and generates alarm. An operator is only required to guide people through the system and manage events if alarm is generated.

As this is a screening solution, we have designed the system not to record images.

No. A high temperature is a possible symptom of Covid 19 and we are providing a solution to screen for a raised temperature only. This is not a medical device.

To protect staff and extra financial loss through staff sickness and site cleaning costs should someone be found onsite with a fever.

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