Commercial fridges such as upright refrigerator cabinets and walk-in chiller cold rooms are used intensively in commercial kitchens. Fridge door seals can break for many reasons and can be a costly issue, causing disruption in your kitchen if ignored.

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Why you should have your fridge seals repaired

Keep food fresh

Food that’s kept in a fridge with a broken door seal can spoil quickly. This is because the set temperature can’t be maintained within the fridge. When a fridge door seal is split or damaged, cold air can’t be kept in and warm air can’t be kept out. Not only is this detrimental on your commercial kitchen’s Food Hygiene Rating, but it could lead to your kitchen being closed. Minimise the risk of food cross-contamination and a visit from the environmental health officer with a fridge seal repair service.

Save energy

A broken fridge door seal could triple the amount of energy used by your fridge or freezer. This is because even when your fridge door is closed, cold air can escape. This increases the workload and energy consumption of your refrigeration unit as it must work harder to stay cold. A fridge seal repair service can save you money on your electricity bills as well as reducing your chances of having to replace your refrigeration unit.

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