No matter what type of fridge or freezer you have in your commercial kitchen, it will be subject to strict health and safety laws that ensure your establishment is hygienic and safe to trade food products to the public. Indeed, one of the first things an environmental health officer will check for when inspecting your kitchen is the refrigeration door seals and if they find them damaged, ineffective or worn out, they could lower your Food Hygiene Rating or, even worse, close your kitchen altogether. 

Fridge door seals maintain safe temperatures 

The reason damaged fridge door seals are such an important issue with environmental health is because if there is no airtight seal keeping the cold air in and the warm air out of your chiller, then there’s no way of knowing that the food inside has been kept at the correct temperature. So, while you may think that juicy slab of steak has been safely chilling at a cool 5°, it has actually been left in a warm fridge as the perfect breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

Clean your door seals regularly  

What’s more, damaged fridge door seals create excellent hiding places for bits of food, dirt and dust to get trapped which, due to their proximity to food going in and out of the fridge, poses a dangerous cross-contamination situation. It’s also a fantastic space for mould to develop which poses its own risks to your staff and customers’ health. Regular and thorough cleaning of your fridge and freezer door seals will help keep this threat to a minimum but it can be hard to reach all areas when the seal is damaged or worn, another reason to replace broken ones straight away. 

Award Winning Fridge Door Seals

At Filta, our award-winning FiltaSeal provides a nationwide supply and fitting service for any commercial fridge and freezer door seals. Our patented technology allows us to replace your fridge door seal on just one visit as we are able to diagnose the issue, measure the equipment and then manufacture the fridge door seal right there on site. This not only ensures minimum disruption to your busy commercial kitchen but also guarantees our solution is 100% accurate and effective at keeping you and your customers safe. 

As proud winners of the Supplier Innovation Award 2018 at the FSM Awards, Filta are your number one choice for all your fridge door seal needs. To find out more or to book a consultation, contact our team today on 01788 550100