A refrigerator door is the one section in a fridge that will suffer the most risk of wear and tear. For commercial kitchens across the nation, it’s important to regularly check your appliances to see if they’re in good condition and performing well. Eventually, your fridge seal will experience some problems that could affect how your food stock is maintained. There are a few signs that a fridge seal is broken or damaged,including mould or cold air around your refrigerator. 

It is a legal requirement that a commercial kitchen has a health and safety inspection every year, but the frequency of inspections depends on the potential risk to public health. During an assessment of your commercial kitchen, one of the first things a health and safety inspector will check is the integrity of your fridge seals. Guarantee you won’t affect the safety rating of your establishment with a fridge seal replacement service from our experts, contact us today! 

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What to look out for: 

  • Has the quality of your food decreased progressively? This is an indication of needing to replace the fridge seal - get in touch and resolve your issue today!
  • Does the refrigerator seal look new? Are there any splits, holes, or areas where the refrigerator seal is coming loose? If yes then you need a new fridge seal. 
  • Another way of checking the fridge seal is using a five-pound note (or any note). You can do this by opening the fridge door sliding the note halfway through the seal and closing the door, then proceed to pull the note from the door completely. If the note came out of the door with some resistance then your seal is fine, although if it slides out with no resistance then this is an indication the seal is broken.
  • When was the last time you replaced your fridge seal? Commercial fridge seals need to be changed at least every 18 months, if you are approaching the deadline then choose Fita-Seal Service for a 100% guarantee on fitting correctly, and on average being 40% cheaper than our competitors. 

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