FiltaSeal is an innovative service that provides on-site supply and fitting for any commercial replacement fridge and freezer door seals, by our expert fitters. Filta Environmental is one of the leading refrigeration specialists in Dorset, with over 22 years in the industry we have been providing unparalleled kitchen services to our customers all over the world. 

The FiltaSeal is manufactured by our engineers on site in their FiltaSeal van, that provides a bespoke fitting to your commercial fridge. This guarantees you a high-quality seal to work at its highest capacity, as it was designed for your kitchen’s fridge equipment. The patented technology the Filta team use allows us to replace nearly every door seal on the current market, if you would like more information about whether we can replace your fridge seal contact the team on 01788 550100. 

During health and safety inspections one of the first things an environmental health officer (EHO) will check is refrigeration door seals, and if they meet the standards required to run a commercial food business. A broken fridge seal isn't just an eyesore it's dangerous as it affects food quality, and can affect your customer's health. Damaged or broken fridge seals affect a kitchen’s ‘Food Hygiene Rating’ and could contribute to a closure of a commercial kitchen, avoid this with a durable fridge or freezer door seal. 

A spilt or damaged seal makes your fridge equipment use three times more energy, which not only is increasing your carbon footprint but increasing your energy bills! Choose an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution with FiltaSeal, the FiltaSeal service works out to be 40% less when compared to other replacement competitors on the market. FiltaSeal also reduces response time and downtime by our engineers creating the seal on-site. This results in the one call-out being at one fixed price, with no time wasted in surveying your seal and producing the new fridge door seal. 

For more information about our range of commercial fridges and our refrigeration services, contact our expert team at 017588 550100.