Refrigerator seals, also referred to as refrigerator gaskets, play a key role in the day-to-day operation of a refrigeration unit. Commercial refrigeration units often operate 24/7 and therefore cannot afford to be out of action. For a fridge or freezer to maintain correct storage temperatures, it is vital that there is an airtight seal between the fridge/freezer door and the main unit. A split or damaged refrigerator seal can make equipment use 3x more energy, which can escalate into bigger problems, even leading to a closed kitchen.

Our refrigerator seal replacement specialists not only reduce response time and downtime but also reduces costs. This is achieved in three simple steps: checking the seal, creating a seal and fitting the seal.

Checking the refrigerator seals

Our refrigerator seal engineers will come to your establishment to identify and measure the damaged refrigerator seal. Once the refrigerator seal has been identified, our engineers can select and manufacture the seal.

Creating a refrigerator seal

All our refrigerator seals are manufactured by one of our engineers on-site, in the FiltaSeal van. 
Available for a range of refrigerators, our refrigerator seals are designed to suit a varied range of appliances. See below for the types of units we can fit refrigerator seals for:

Upright Refrigerator Cabinets
Under Counter Chillers/Freezer Bottle Coolers
Chest Freezers
Cold Drawers
Walk-in Chiller Cold Rooms
Walk-in Freezer Cold Rooms

Fitting the refrigerator seals

After the refrigerator seal has been manufactured, the seal is 100% correctly fitted, first time, every time. The price of the seal is all you will have to pay, we do not charge for any call-out of labour changes on top. 

For more information about our refrigerator seal replacement services for commerical kitchens, contact our team today on 01788 550100.