Following health and safety regulations is a high priority to commercial kitchens as it can affect their food safety ratings, not to mention negative word-of-month reviews about your business. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a very noticeable heatwave throughout the UK, officially starting summer 2018! Hot temperatures are ideal on days off, but when you’re working it’s a different story. 

During high temperatures, stress levels will be naturally elevated, but you can make your working environment as comfortable as possible with our experts' advice. We discuss how to keep your commercial kitchen safe during summer temperatures, find out more below. 

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High-quality equipment 

Looking after your stock is extremely important during summer seasons; if your fridge and freezers aren't maintaining a low temperature food quality will be affected and could even give your guests food poisoning. Be sure to check the integrity of your fridge door seal when you get the chance,  do you notice any signs that it’s broken? Any holes or discolouration? A broken fridge seal isn't just unsightly but is also a safety hazard, make sure to contact our team on 01788 550100. 

Controlling air temperature

Regardless of your building type, your employees and management having access to consistent airflow is essential during summertime and during the year. If your commercial kitchen doesn't have air conditioning or a ventilation system then it’s going to be unbearable for you and your team. Controlling air temperature is simple, keeping your windows open, using fans where necessary and looking into commercial air conditioning are all recommended. 

Reviewing risk assessments 

All businesses have different risks during summer and winter, as the vastly different temperatures can affect employee's health differently. You can keep your commercial kitchen safe during summer by identifying possible risks and hazards, assessing these areas will prevent any possibilities of accidents. Keep in mind that your team's work will be affected by your business environment, ensure the temperature and surroundings are as comfortable as possible especially during busy events. 

Purchasing a grease trap 

The benefits of high-quality grease traps are always discussed as they make the running of a commercial kitchen so much smoother, not to mention they’re very environmentally friendly! Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) are a big issue for commercial and residential drains throughout the country, but during hot temperatures, it can become an even bigger problem for your drainage system. Find out how to prevent risks of Fats, Oils and Grease for your commercial kitchen today on 01788 550100

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