Health and safety falls into two categories for restaurants: staff safety, and safety of your customers. Every commercial kitchen receives regular inspection from a Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and if they find anything that they deem dangerous to the public your kitchen might fail its inspection. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is designed to help diners choose where to eat or shop based on hygiene standards. 

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme 

Health inspectors are looking for a variety of different things when assessing your commercial kitchen. The scheme does not rate the quality of your food, your team’s customer service skills, culinary skill, or presentation of the food. The main areas of focus in a health and safety inspection includes: 

  • Handling of food
  • How food is stored 
  • How food is prepared 
  • Cleanliness of facilities 
  • How food safety is managed

Steps to follow in your commercial kitchen 

  • Your staff need to wear appropriate footwear 
  • Ensure there are no trip hazards
  • Install non-slip flooring 
  • Use wet floor signs if there’s a spillage
  • If there is a food or drink spillage deal with it immediately 
  • Check if your commercial fridge seals are a high standard 
  • Implement a grease management system that safely disposes of FOG 



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