There are a few telltale signs when a commercial fridge seal is broken or needs replacing. The obvious signs are water leakages from your fridge, a gap in between the seal and the door, holes or splits, discolouration or mould, and even a sudden increase in your electricity bills. If you have noticed any of these signs then your commercial kitchen would reap the benefits from a new fridge seal

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Does a broken fridge seal waste energy?

If a commercial fridge has faulty seals then it cannot produce a suitable environment to maintain stock. You may find that you have had to use more electricity as your fridge motor compressor will be working overtime to cool your food effectively and safely. Not only do broken fridge seals waste electricity, they will also increase your energy bills dramatically - sometimes up to three times the amount! This can quickly become very costly for your business, and damage your reputation if the food you serve your customers might be spoiled or harbouring potential germs

Prolong the lifetime of your commercial fridge with a durable and cost-effective replacement fridge door seal. It’s the most innovative service currently on the market as our experts can assess, fit and install a bespoke FiltaSeal on-site that perfectly fits your fridge or freezer. 

A few signs of a broken seal 

●    Discolouration or mould 
●    Fridge or freezer door doesn’t shut properly 
●    Water leaking from your fridge or freezer
●    Unusual increase in your energy bills that can’t be explained

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