Our selection of refrigeration products at Filta all provide the opportunity for success in the leisure, hospitality, retail and commercial sectors. Cleanliness and good organisation are key when running a successful kitchen, choose Filta Environmental the leading providers of commercial kitchen equipment as we will bespoke make any product to suit your exact business needs. 

Filta Environmental offers beneficial kitchen products of commercial refrigeration, ventilation, cold rooms, and cooling systems that together provide the ultimate resources for your kitchen to run efficiently. 

How to upgrade your commercial kitchen 

Choose Filta Environmental to upgrade your commercial kitchen with a wide variety of high-quality and durable products. Our experts are available all year round with national UK coverage to maintain your commercial kitchen, trust the professionals to surpass your expectations. 


For commercial kitchens, it's vital to have control of temperature and humidity within the premises to ensure food goods are stored in an appropriate setting, if not then you run the risk of spoiling food which is an expensive problem to face daily. Our Filta Environmental experts offer regular maintenance and repair check-ups of your refrigeration products, to keep your commercial kitchen business in good working order. 


A high-quality ventilation system that’s functional, well-placed and aesthetically pleasing is the wish for most commercial kitchens. Similar to air conditioners our ventilation systems control the airflow to remove unwanted smells or harmful diseases. Health and safety should be taken very seriously in your restaurant, your staff and guests are at risk of ill health if your kitchen is not properly ventilated. 

Cold Rooms 

Cold rooms for commercial kitchens are vital for businesses that need a vast amount of storage, the low temperature prevents fast spoilage of foods such as meats, fruits and vegetables. The Cold Room can be bespoke made to suit your business with the option of split cellar cooling and through the wall cooling systems, to create the ultimate environment needed to keep your restaurant running efficiently. 

Air Conditioning

Filta Environmental air conditioners work silently and effectively ensuring the comfort of both employees and customers by regulating cool or warm air into a commercial setting. Our experts will design and install a bespoke air conditioning system that gives complete control of temperature, ventilation and humidity control in your commercial kitchen for 365 days a year. 

For more information about our commercial kitchen services and products, Contact our team today!