It’s imperative to keep an eye on door seals of any refrigeration equipment. Even the tiniest crack or sign of damage can let warm air in, which can compromise a lot of food. Read on for why it’s so important to look for seal damage in any kind of refrigeration equipment.

Upright refrigerator cabinets

An upright fridge is one of the most common appliances that you’ll find in any kitchen. Given how busy a kitchen is, it’s easy to be quite rough with a fridge door, and a fridge seal breaking is unfortunately more common than you’d think. Look out for key signs that your fridge seal has broken, such as food not staying as fresh as usual or condensation around the edges of the fridge.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers have similar issues to upright fridges: if anything, they face even more damage, as the lid can be dropped vertically, with more force than you would use when closing a fridge door.  At Filta, can replace a chest freezer seal easily, which is a relief when you consider how much food could potentially go bad.

Cold drawers

When it comes to seals breaking, cold drawers are perhaps the most annoying of any refrigeration equipment. When seals break, condensation forms, and this can freeze again when the drawers close; this is bad enough with an ordinary freezer, but with drawers, the ice can form around the drawers and prevent them from opening. Keep a close eye on seals to check that they aren’t split or worn.

Walk-in cold rooms

Walk-in cold rooms, whether used for freezing or refrigeration, are the ultimate in food storage, but a faulty seal can render a whole room worth of produce completely thawed. We can replace seal to rooms of any size, meaning that you need not worry about the entire room becoming warm.

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