As a leading provider of refrigeration products for the commercial sector, we understand the importance of owning a fully functional refrigeration system during the Christmas period. For any commercial kitchen, high-quality equipment and facilities are the key to ensuring the success of your business. Restaurant fridges keep food cold even during the high temperatures that a busy kitchen reaches every day, keeping stock fresh and preventing spoilage. To ensure your business remains in steady working order, it is important to keep your fridge as functional and energy efficient as possible, to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep energy bills low. 

Our team offer regular equipment checks to proactively avoid any risks of a machine breakdown, from fridge seal repairs to refrigeration replacements, our experts will provide you with a guaranteed professional service. The festive period can be hectic and a busy time for many commercial kitchens, make this year a little easier by having a perfectly run commercial fridge with Filta Environmental. 

Does your commercial fridge have a broken seal?

Is your commercial refrigerator not staying at your desired temperature? Have you found your kitchen’s stock spoiling faster than usual? Both these issues are signs that maybe your commercial fridge seal has broken. Check for any splits, holes, or areas where the seal is coming loose - if you notice any of these, it's time for a fridge seal replacement. This is a huge issue for the festive season as your kitchen will be storing an extensive amount of food in your refrigerator, that if not stored in a suitable environment could affect the health of your guests. 

One trick to check the integrity of your fridge seal is using a five-pound note (or any note), start by opening the commercial refrigerator door and slide the note halfway through the seal and close the door, then proceed to pull the note from the door completely. You should have some resistance whilst doing this but if there is none then this is an indication your commercial fridge seal is broken. 

Thinking about buying a new commercial fridge?

If your commercial fridge has not been performing like it used to, or there has been an increase in your energy bills due to your equipment using more power, then a new refrigeration solution could easily solve these issues. First, check you are not working with a broken fridge seal, and if not, a new commercial fridge or cold room from Filta Environmental will promise complete customer and employee satisfaction, at an amazing price.  

For more information about our commercial fridges, cold rooms and services, Contact our team today!