fridge door seal is responsible for creating an air tight barrier that keeps your fridge securely closed and prevents the escape of cold air. In a commercial kitchen, it is especially important that your appliances are working to maximum efficiency to ensure your customers are only eating food stored at the correct temperatures.  

Signs that it's time for a replacement fridge or freezer door seal:

  • Leaking water is a common sign of an ineffective fridge seal
  • Your fridge or freezer doesn’t close properly or remain shut
  • You’ve noticed a sudden spike in your electricity bill
  • Your fridge or freezer seal is split or torn in places
  • Discoloured or mouldy door seals

What are the negative impacts of a faulty fridge door seal?

If your fridge or freezer is struggling to keep your food at the required temperature due to damaged door seals, then you could have the potential costs of both wasted food and an increased energy bill to pay. Faulty fridge or freezer door seals can cause your appliance to use up to three times more energy than normal whilst trying to maintain its internal temperature, so save yourself the unnecessary waste energy costs by replacing your door seals as quickly as possible.

Our unique FiltaSeal service allows us to both measure and install your fridge seal replacement on the same call-out, causing minimal disruption to you and your business. All of our fridge door seals are manufactured on site by one of our engineers and our patented technology means that we can replace almost every fridge or freezer door seal on the market.

For more information about FiltaSeal and our replacement door seals for commercial fridges and freezers, contact our team today!