We heavily rely on our refrigeration equipment to be on top of its game 365 days a year, but regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the quality of your fridge seals.  A broken fridge seal can do vast damage by allowing your ingredients to be a haven for bacteria. In every commercial food premises it is vital that fridge seals are replaced every 6-18 months - are you due a replacement?

Choose one of the leading commercial kitchen service providers across the UK, our team have many years of experience in the industry that shows in our accreditations and positive testimonials! For more information about our reliable FiltaSeal service contact our experts today on 01788 550100. 

Why FiltaSeal?

Our FiltaSeal service is superior from the rest, our tried and test service is manufactured by one of our engineers on site to provide a custom product every time. Many businesses charge two for call-out visits for a fridge seal replacement, but not Filta! We understand that upgrading your commercial kitchen equipment can be costly and time-consuming endeavour, a simple FiltaSeal installation can answer all your needs. If you’re noticing that there’s discolouration or mould on your fridge seal, or an unexplained increase in your business’s energy bills, it sounds like you need our experts' assistance! 

The signs of a faulty fridge seal can seem very distinguishable to our team, but we know that it can be hard to identify if you don't know what you’re looking for. Regardless of how strong your fridge seal is performing or looking you need to examine it at least once a month, to ensure it’s continuously following health and safety regulations. Don’t risk the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen facilities, look into our cost-effective FiltaSeal service today!

For more information about any of our FiltaSeal services or products contact us today on 01788 550100.