Keeping your kitchen running smoothly is important for a number of reasons. A well-organised, cleaner kitchen makes for a more productive working environment, and obviously a more hygienic one. Read on to see our tips for how to maintain your fridge and freezer.

Have a clean out twice a month 

It’s a good idea to clean out your fridge or freezer every other week of the food that has gone off or won’t be used. A thorough tidy of the fridge will also enable you to organise foods properly, meaning that nothing will get lost at the back of the fridge. Managing your food stock like this can make your kitchen more efficient and productive. 

Inspect door seals

Over time, the door seals of your fridge or freezer can split or break, as they pick up general wear and tear. This can lead to food going off and moisture around the edges of your appliance freezing and preventing the doors or drawers from closing. Be sure to have your fridge and freezer door seals regularly checked and replaced if need be. Filta’s experts can maintain your door seals and replace them if need be. 

Track temperatures

Keep a close eye on the temperatures of your fridge and freezer. If something is broken with either appliance, the temperature is going to fluctuate, so checking the temperature every day and noticing these changes can indicate whether or not your fridge or freezer is broken and needs fixing in any way. 

Clean efficiently

Cleaning your fridge and freezer is vital for the health and hygiene of your kitchen. Make sure that you scrub down your appliances and dispose of any oils and greases properly. Invest in a grease trap to make sure that you’re catching all the fats, oils and greases that you collect when you wash the drawers and shelves when you wash them. At Filta, our specialists can install grease traps and advise you how to dispose of fats responsibly. 

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