Christmas is a time in which fats, oils and grease can build-up to excessive levels in your pipes, but one sewer in Cardiff needed a £2m clean-up operation last month to save it from grease that had built up.

A giant fatberg had to removed from the sewers below streets in Cardiff Bay with what the council called a “deep excavation”. The clean-up was paused over Christmas though to avoid causing a bad-smelling environment for visitors of Mermaid Quay shopping centre over Christmas.

Recycling fatbergs

Fatbergs can be hundreds of metres long, but large portions of them can be turned into biodiesel. The largest fatberg ever discovered in the UK was 750 metres long in London, found in 2017; the infamous London fatberg was big enough to provide 10,000 litres of biodiesel, whilst the Cardiff fatberg was removed by an eight-man team who used a jet hose to break down 20-30 tonnes at a time. The fatberg was found to be made from fat, oil, grease and even condoms, human waste and wet wipes.

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Image from Wales Online

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