Maintaining your commercial kitchen all year round can be easy with our experts’ 4 simple tips. The Filta Group has over 22 years of experience providing commercial kitchen services on an international basis, choose our grease management or FiltaSeal products today to save time and money in your business. 

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Follow these 4 simple tips! 

Follow health & safety regulations 

Health and safety regulations aren’t created to catch businesses out, they’re implemented to guarantee a clean and safe environment. During a health and safety inspection, your commercial fridge seals will be checked to see if they’re broken or unfit for purpose. Avoid a reduced rating by regularly checking your fridge seals, and if you need a replacement then choose our high-quality FiltaSeal services. 

Make a cleaning schedule with your team

Sometimes with a big group of people, certain members find themselves taking more cleaning responsibility in their workplace while others try to do as little as possible. This can cause conflict within your team, so make sure to implement a daily cleaning schedule that includes everyone, so all cleaning responsibility is shared equally for all. 

Ensure proper hygiene with your staff members

Germs and bacteria are mostly spread by unwashed hands, which can cause havoc in a commercial kitchen environment. Have regular meetings or chats with your team about the importance of everyone washing their hands when they touch food, handle raw food, or have touched anything that could expose the team to germs. 

Implement kitchen grease management products 

Our range of grease management products including grease traps, grease recovery units, bacterial drain dosing and sediment interceptors can all help keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) can prove to be problematic for commercial kitchens across the UK, always be one step ahead with Filta’s cost-effective grease management services.  

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