In every busy restaurant kitchen, it is easy to overlook how your waste Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) are being disposed. Yet the health of your business relies on it as the build up of FOGs leads to a whole host of nasty consequences, from smelly, blocked drains to the threat of Environmental Health shutting you down. Read on to discover the top 4 tips for effective waste management from our expert engineers at Filta Environmental, leading providers of effective waste management systems for commercial kitchens.  

Install the right grease management system

To ensure your commercial kitchen runs smoothly and without disruption, install an appropriate grease management system to deal with all your waste fats, oils and grease (FOGs) responsibly. At Filta, we design and create grease management systems that are tailored to the unique needs of your business so you can be sure your restaurant kitchen won’t be interrupted by blocked or broken drains.   

Regularly maintain your grease management system

Once you have the appropriate grease management system installed in your commercial kitchen, you must make sure you have a regular maintenance plan in place so it keeps working as it should. Not only will this ensure your kitchen remains safe and functional, but it also safeguards you against potential legal repercussions. Look no further for your grease management maintenance! Our Filta engineers are experienced in servicing and maintaining all brands of grease traps and work on a schedule and price that suits your needs. 

Train your staff in FOG management 

Your staff are your number one defence against the build up of FOGs in your kitchen so professional training is the most effective way of protecting your drains from damage and yourself from costly repairs. Our experts will work with your kitchen staff to educate them on best practices in grease management for restaurants, ensuring they are familiar with the correct procedures for responsible and effective disposal. 

Install reminder signs

Even with fully trained staff, in a busy commercial kitchen environment it is easy to forget the proper way to dispose of FOGs or to accidentally pour something down a drain when you shouldn’t. To help combat this, install clear, eye catching and informative signs in the appropriate areas to serve as reminders to your employees of correct FOG disposal procedures. 

For over 20 years the Filta Group has been providing unparalleled grease management systems and commercial kitchen services to restaurants and food establishments around the world. To learn more about how your business can benefit from our grease management systems and maintenance plans, contact us today on 01788 550100