Creating an appropriate shopping environment for your customers is crucial in improving sales and ensuring positive feedback.

Our client portfolio holds hundreds of successful retailers in London and the surrounding areas that have entrusted Filta Refrigeration with all their cooling system requirements.

Ultimately, although customers have store preferences based on stock and price, casual browsers are much more likely to spend their hard-earned money in a shop that is held at a pleasant temperature, avoiding stuffy waiting rooms or hot queue lines.

Filta Refrigeration can offer air conditioning equipment that is suitable for all types of retail outlets, allowing customers to explore the whole store whilst enjoying a pleasant temperature throughout. In partnership with some of the world’s leading cooling systems manufacturers, our trained engineers can design and install a system that will work effectively in all scenarios, adjusting to external temperature changes and conditioning the air to a high standard.

We offer design, installation and ongoing maintenance plans that are tailored to the needs of your business

Aside from design and installation, Filta Refrigeration offers a unique ongoing maintenance plan that can be tailored to the requirements of your business, helping to avoid unexpected problems and ensuring your system works to its maximum capacity at all times.

When customers head to their local stores, they expect a comfortable environment within the premises to allow them to browse easily. With temperatures in the UK changing dramatically across the year, air conditioning can help to balance air temperature and bring a seamless transition between external and internal spaces.

When it comes to installing a refrigeration or air conditioning system that is bespoke to your business, Filta Refrigeration has a proven track record of consistently delivering high quality results.

Experts In Retail

Our professionally qualified team of engineers provide cost effective retail fridge repair and maintenance plans to suit all business requirements throughout the UK. Call our head office today for a free quote on retail installations, servicing or maintenance on 01788 550100.