We understand that in the hospitality industry you need reliable and affordable service.

In a sector that relies heavily on customer experiences and building a positive reputation, businesses involved in hospitality always need to ensure they provide an environment that keeps customers happy and makes the experience memorable for all the right reasons.

The key to creating a welcoming atmosphere is comfort – customers will always be happier in an environment where they don’t feel rushed by the urge to get out of a hot, stuffy room. Installing a quiet, effective air conditioning system can help to improve that atmosphere, maintaining the temperature of your premises at an acceptable level.

We provide nationwide services for hundreds of hotels and resaurants across the UK with air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Hotels and restaurants also hold a significant amount of perishable stock such as alcoholic drinks and fresh meat. With potentially hundreds of guests to cater for at any one time, it is vitally important to have a reliable refrigeration storage system that can handle the rigours of life in a hospitality premises. Filta Refrigeration work in partnership with some of the world’s leading refrigeration manufacturers, so you can be sure you will be choosing your system from the very best cooling equipment available.

Some of our largest clients operate out of the hospitality sector, with air conditioning and refrigeration systems installed in hundreds of locations up and down the UK. Filta Refrigeration has experience working with these premises, understanding that reliability and affordability are paramount in this highly competitive marketplace.

Our energy efficient systems work to keep your customers and products at an optimum temperature, regardless of whether you operate a hotel, shopping centre or restaurant. Filta Refrigeration offers a unique design and installation service, managed by fully qualified engineers who will work to find a cooling solution that matches your exact requirements.

Experts In Hospitality

Our professionally qualified team of engineers provide cost effective hospitality repair and maintenance plans to suit all business requirements throughout the UK. Call our head office today for a free quote on hospitality installations, servicing or maintenance on 01788 550100.