Refrigeration Products

Filta Refrigeration is the market leader in providing suitable and affordable refrigeration and air conditioning equipment to industrial and commercial premises across the UK. As refrigeration experts, we provide everything you could need when installing, repairing or maintaining all types of refrigeration apparatus.

Why choose our refrigeration services?

Our highly trained engineers operate up and down the country making use of the latest technology to offer a dedicated 24/7 refrigeration installation and maintenance service that is unrivaled. From fridges and freezers to fish keepers and ice machines, our commercial refrigeration specialists can install any type of chilling system to meet your specific business requirements. As industry leaders, we specialise in commercial refrigeration design and installation projects across a range of business types including restaurants, retail outlets, food production companies and many more. Regardless of the size or scale of your project, our engineers will make use of recognised industry techniques to design and install a sustainable, energy-efficient cooling system for your business.

Commercial refrigeration you can rely on

With experience installing refrigeration and air conditioning systems in a wide variety of environments, you can be confident we will source the highest quality products for your premises to guarantee consistent, reliable performance alongside an affordable maintenance structure. Supported by some of the largest refrigeration companies in the UK, we only install the latest high quality equipment that is guaranteed by trusted manufacturers such as Mitsubishi. We put engineering at the heart of what we do, with a fully qualified and trained workforce who continue to develop themselves as individuals and the business as a whole. We aim to be a seamless extension of your own business, offering a 12 month free maintenance contract with every installation to ensure we can start our working relationship off on a positive note. 


Our professionally qualified team of commercial refrigeration engineers provide cost effective commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance plans to suit all business requirements throughout the UK. Call our head office today for a free quote on refrigeration installation, servicing or maintenance on 01788 550100.

The Service

FiltaGMG provides an eco-friendly hands off biological system that prevents the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in waste pipes which can cause blockages or floods that could close your kitchen and be very costly to recover. We use a specially developed biological system. The solution is automatically injected into your waste management system every day after kitchen closure. The solution injected contains an enzyme and a biologically engineered bacteria. The enzyme changes the chemical make-up of the FOG which is turned into food for the bacteria. When the bacteria is engorged it dissipates into water and flows harmlessly into the waste management system. FiltaGMG is a fit-&-forget system that once installed you will never have to attend to ever again, as we will look after it for you on a regular basis.

We are dedicated to helping our clients save money while creating a safer working environment, and providing our partners with the tools to preserve the environment while mitigating business risk.