With a wealth of knowledge, Filta provide reliable cooling solutions to the leisure industry

Running a business in the leisure industry can be challenging at the best of times, with excellent customer service and speedy convenience high on the list of priorities. Filta Refrigeration has extensive experience dealing with organisations operating in this sector, sourcing and installing the most appropriate cooling solutions to meet the constant demand customers can bring.

Regardless of whether you own a sports centre, swimming pool or gym, we recognise the importance of reliability and efficiency. We have dealt with major businesses across the UK that rely on their cooling systems to ensure the happiness of their customers, making the maintenance of these systems all the more important – especially when compared to some other industries.

Filta Refrigeration specialise in reliable air conditioning systems for the leisure sector

In today’s society, many customers expect a high quality air conditioned environment when they visit a leisure facility, especially in gyms or sports centres where they are looking to exercise. Keeping customers cool when they work out is vital in creating a suitable environment, allowing them to reach their full potential and achieve a high level of performance. In a temperate climate like the UK, changeable conditions means air conditioning plays a crucial role in maintaining an acceptable temperature all year round.

Filta Refrigeration specialise in installing high quality, reliable air conditioning systems in premises across the leisure sector. We can supply your business with the latest air conditioning units that are able to maintain a consistent air temperature at all times by reacting to changes in the external temperature – this can be especially useful in exercise or sporting facilities where keeping customers cool is a high priority.

Air conditioning is also important across other outlets, as customers are unlikely to want to stay in an environment that is too hot and leaves them feeling flushed.

No matter what size premises you operate out of, avoid poor reviews and customer dissatisfaction – let Filta Refrigeration design and install a unique air conditioning system that keeps your customers happy and your business successful.

Experts In Leisure

Our professionally qualified team of engineers provide cost effective leisure fridge repair and maintenance plans to suit all business requirements throughout the UK. Call our head office today for a free quote on leisure installations, servicing or maintenance on 01788 550100.