Energy Efficiency

The Filta Group is committed to not only providing specialist refrigeration and cooling solutions but also saving you money.

As a part of our service, we offer our expert advice on Energy Efficiency which can save your business money on energy bills with a high return on investment. By becoming more energy efficient you not only save money but you are also reducing your carbon footprint which is good for you but good for business.

Return on Investment

1. Measure and Analyse

Existing energy use: 

  • Electrical and gas payment bills 
  • Electrical and gas onsite metering

2. Calculate

New system's energy use:

  • Specification parameters: temperature, humidity,operating hours
  • Use published degree day data to predict heating/cooling requirements

3. Projected Savings

Existing energy use - (new system's energy use - maintenance savings)

4. Return on Investment

Projected savings ÷ Capital costs x 100 = ROI%

Payback period - Capital costs ÷ Projected Savings.

5. Verification

The installed savings are verified against the projected savings.