Frequently Asked Questions

Protect your drainage systems and adhere to legislation with our expert drainage solutions that will help to keep your drains clear and FOG free. As a team of commercial kitchen services experts with over 20 years in the industry, we recognise the importance of ensuring that your business runs as smoothly as possible, to find out more about our drainage solutions contact our team today or take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below.

About Fats, Oils, & Grease

FOG – Fats, Oils, Grease. Produced in kitchen environments during the preparation of food. Tends to congeal and harden and sticks to the inner lining of drainage pipes and creates blockages. FOG requires active interception and treatment to prevent costly environmental problems.

FOG single pot wash

A Single pot wash produces in 48h the amount of 7.04 Kg food waste and 3.75L FOG to drain


There are 6 laws and regulations governing the disposal of food waste direct into drains.


  • Expense of resolving the issues reactively. £5m+ pa for UK SM chain
  • Water companies identifying and charging
  • Badly maintained kitchens increase cost and risk
  • Reputation/Civic/Social
  • Customer perception


Will increase efficiency and site returns

The dosing enzyme system is your low-cost, sustainable, fit and forget solution. This clever machine injects enzyme and grease digesting bacteria into your waste system. It is fully automated and provides a precise release of enzyme into your drains at the appropriate time, greatly reducing the possibility of creating a blockage and saving you the expensive repairs, maintenance, and fines.

  • Makes you completely compliant with current ‘Environmental Legislation Acts’
  • A total managed system which requires no input from the user
  • Hassle free mobilisation, all equipment installed in minutes by one of our trained technicians
  • It is a complete Fit & Forget sytem
  • Planned return visits throughout the year to fully maintain system and replenish enzymes
  • All battery powered – does not use any mains power
  • Helps prevent costly blockages and bad smells