About FiltaZyme

FiltaZyme Drain Dosing System

Every night, after you have gone to bed, millions of FiltaZyme enzymes get to work keeping your drains clean and fat-free. At the stroke of midnight, the automatic FiltaZyme dosing machine remembers to pump just enough top up enzymes into your waste pipe to make sure that the grease removal team is receiving the boost needed to keep up the good work.

Working for you quietly and simply in the background, so you don’t have to worry about blockages anymore. The FiltaZyme Service is a fit and forget system that once installed you will never have to attend to ever again, as we will look after it for you on a regular basis.

Take back your drains today by choosing our low-cost solution.

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Why Worry?… Do You have Bad Odours or Blocked drains? Are you Cleaning your own grease traps!?

The Service

FiltaZyme provides an eco-friendly hands off biological system that prevents the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in waste pipes which can cause blockages or floods that could close your kitchen and be very costly to recover. We use a specially developed biological system. The solution is automatically injected into your waste management system every day after kitchen closure. The solution injected contains an enzyme and a biologically engineered bacteria. The enzyme changes the chemical make-up of the FOG which is turned into food for the bacteria. When the bacteria is engorged it dissipates into water and flows harmlessly into the waste management system. FiltaZyme is a fit-&-forget system that once installed you will never have to attend to ever again, as we will look after it for you on a regular basis.

We are dedicated to helping our clients save money while creating a safer working environment, and providing our partners with the tools to preserve the environment while mitigating business risk.

Our service is carried out in 3 Stages:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Filta will survey your establishment, to correctly identify the problem.



Our trained engineers will install and programme the FiltaZyme dosing unit.



On a regular basis, Filta will ensure the equipment is working properly & top off your enzymes.

FiltaZyme Benefits

  • Makes you completely compliant with current ‘Environmental Legislation Acts’
  • A total managed system which requires no input from the user
  • Hassle free mobilisation, all equipment installed in minutes by one of our trained technicians
  • It is a complete Fit & Forget system
  • Planned return visits throughout the year to fully maintain system and replenish enzymes
  • All battery powered – does not use any mains power
  • Helps prevent costly blockages and bad smells

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