Project Description


Arrow Shipbroking Group

Central London Based Office

Arrow wanted to provide enhanced protection of their offices against Viral threat. They wanted to guard and alert those with a heightened temperature to prevent entrance into the building and also to sanitise and protect all surfaces to reduce the risk of transmission. Arrow chose FiltaShield’s Thermo Guard Hi-Flow fever screening solution and signed-up to a regular 30-day Fogging Sanitisation programme using Zoono Microbe-Shield technology.

The Thermo Guard Hi-Flow is installed at the entrance to the office and monitors people entering the building. If anyone has an elevated temperature an alarm sounds and notifies the person in question. The 30-day fogging service kills 99.99% of bacteria and microbes at each application and thanks to Zoono’s anti-microbial coating goes on protecting against surfaces for up to 30-days. Installation was completed in June and the staff at Arrow are very happy with the outcome.


Client: Arrow Shipbroking Group

Problem: COVID-19

Solution: Sanitise, Protect and
Monitor with thermal imaging camera,
Thermo Guard Hi-Flow

Date: June 2020

What Clients Say

“Our new Thermal Camera located in the reception has been really well received by staff and visitors. It’s good to know that if anyone comes in with a high temperature they (and we) are notified before they enter the main office. The 30-day antiviral treatment programme we have in place provides an extra layer of protection for us by treating all desks, phones and other surfaces with the microbe-shield. As part of Filta’s service they carry out monthly swabbing to check and report that surfaces are hygienically-clean. I have found Filta’s team to be very professional and would be happy to recommend them to others.”
– Liz, PA to the Directors at Arrow.

To help reduce risk of transmission in your offices, to protect your staff and your business please contact Filta online today or on 01788 550100.

Filta Vans outside Arrow office | Filta Environmental
Lee Morton Fogging Arrow | Filta Environmental

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