Anti-Viral Equipment, Training
and On-going Support

Provide on-going protection for your employees, customers and business with our Antiviral Package.

Take Control

We have the knowledge and industry-leading technology. You have the passion for your business.

Take control and protect your premises from harmful viruses and bacteria using our antiviral package.

A Filta technician will train you on how to professionally sanitise all areas killing 99.99% of microbial activity including bacteria and viruses.

We will then supply you with the equipment and fluid to provide on-going protection.

We’ll also leave behind a pack of our antiviral signage for you to display throughout your premises building confidence in your customers and workforce.

For more information please contact us on 01788 550 100 or get in touch with us online today.

Take control of your premises with our 12 Month Sanitise & Protect Pack.

12 Month Pack includes:

  • Antiviral foggers (equipment)
  • 12 Months supply of fluid
  • Initial sanitisation
  • Full Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Helpline with on-going support

From £1,950 (up to 2,000 sq. ft).


We supply all the equipment you need to get the job done. Our ULV fogging machines spray a list of mist of our anti-viral solution protecting your entire premises. We’ll also supply you with enough fluid to last 12-months allowing you to regularly sanitise your area providing on-going protection for your staff and customers.


A member of our team of antiviral experts will train you and your staff how to safely use the equipment. We’ll also train you on the day how to correctly sanitise your premises and work with you for your first sanitisation. Once we’re happy that you’re competent with the equipment we’ll carry out a quick assessment and retrain/work back through any steps if necessary.


After you’ve completed your training and sanitised your premises we’ll leave behind our Filta brand pack of visual signage. This includes a certificate to show that you’re qualified to sanitise as well as a pack of door and wall signs that you can display around the building to let your staff and customers know your environment is as covid secure as possible.

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